Core values

Mobile Subsea services also possesses an in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian economy through the numerous assignments which we have successfully carried out on a wide range of projects.

Mobile Subsea services undertakes to build responsive long-term relationships with our clients through performance based mutual respect between our clients and employees. We guarantee to consistently out-perform our competitors, irrespective of the scale of our clients’ requirements, to help our clients meet their set out goals and objectives.

Mobile Subsea services employs resources that add value to our clients’ projects. Our personnel and strategic partners posses the capability and experience to design, integrate, and deploy a supply chain for goods and services of the most complex manner

At Mobile Subsea services we are committed to empowering and training our employees to progress their professional abilities, this benefitting themselves, the company, our clients and the entire community as a whole. We are an employer of equal opportunity with a very strong focus on employee training and welfare.

Mobile Subsea services’ policies are based on sound international standard management principles. This benefits the company as well as her clients. We are a socially responsible company that takes the environment and communities in which we operate into consideration.